Grassroots Fundraising with NFTs

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Send Less Emails
Raise More Money
Make Grassroots Donors Happier

Offer Rewards,
Not Deadlines

Raise more money by offering limited-edition digital collectibles to donors for their contributions, instead of frantic deadlines.

Send emails using your existing email system.
No changes to digital fundraising needed.

No Crypto,
No Problem

Donors use their credit card to pay in US dollars and contributions are deposited directly into your bank account.

Contributions provided in the standard ActBlue/NGP format.
ZERO additional work for your compliance team.

Attract New Donors

Digital collectibles are more likely to be shared. Each NFT comes with a referral link that notifies donors when their friends donate.

All referral links automatically generated.
Start relational fundraising with no extra work.

Crush Your Fundraising Goals

Host an exclusive event for your grassroots supporters. Invite NFT owners to the event.

Offer more than an email receipt to your supporters.
Invite NFT owners to the event. Use Numero to manage RSVPs for your event.


NFTs are the hot new thing, but they 
don’t present any hot new problems. If they think donors enjoy NFTs, that’s fine with us as long as it falls within contribution limits.

Commissioner Ellen Weintraub

Federal Elections Commission


Minting an NFT on Flow takes less energy than a Google search .

Nathan Steeghs

Partner and National Climate
Lead at Deloitte Canada
More than $37 billion was spent buying NFTs in the first four months of 2022.
That’s more than twice the amount donated to all political campaigns last cycle.
*Chainalysis - May 5, 2022

Electables is our love letter to grassroots donors.

They power the most influential campaigns in the country, yet campaigns often lack the tools to show donors the appreciation they deserve.

That's why we built Numero – we've worked hard to make fundraising better for campaigns. Now we want to help campaigns make the donating experience better for grassroots donors.

Before building Electables, we reached out to more than 1,400 grassroots donors. Their response was loud and clear. They want to be thanked with more than an email receipt. And they want to be more involved in the campaign.

They no doubt deserve it! 🙏 But we also know that it's tough for campaigns to do.

Help Grassroots Supporters Become Grassroots Influencers

Earn digital collectibles that show donors were early and right in supporting their favorite candidates and organizations.


Give donors access to events with our Numero RSVP platform when they help you sell out your digital collections.


Unlock donors' personal impact with automatically generated referral links that show the amount raised and new donors.

❤️❤️❤️ With Love, Electables Team

Brian Forde
Karan Jain
Susie Keeler
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